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The Master Resource Report 2014-03-14 Quick look at the Bakken data just released The North Dakota Dept. of Mineral Resources released the January production data yesterday. So here is a quick look at what it shows. Next week’s report will look at it in more detail. The graphs below illustrate what happens when the new… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-05-10 Ocean acidification: The other carbon problem. Arctic Ocean Acidification (2013) – Full (12 minute) version from AMAP on Vimeo.


The Master Resource Report  2013-02-15 CNBC interview This is the interview with Ed Morse, Citigroup Head of Commodities Research on the study they just released. xxxxx EIA posted a supplement on U.S. oil production outlook The EIA posted a supplement to its recently released Short-Term Energy Outlook to explain the key drivers behind the increase… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-02-08 China could import nearly all U.S. crude oil production According to a Bloomberg report China imported nearly as much crude oil per day in January as the U.S. produces. China bought 24.87 million metric tons of crude more than it exported last month, according to figures released on the website… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2013-01-18 BP World Energy Outlook 2030 Tight oil along with other unconventional supply will meet future demand according to BP’s World Energy Outlook 2030. The Guardian, a UK paper put it this way. “Peak oil theories ‘increasingly groundless’, says BP chief. The US will be self-sufficient in energy by 2030…” The… Read more »