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The Master Resource Report 2014-05-09 Honda is building homes??? Where else but in California would you have an auto manufacturing company build a house. In the state known for automobiles Honda has built a prototype home that would produce more energy than it consumes. Of course central to this energy-efficient home is Honda’s electric car…. Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2013-11-22 The Canadian Problem The Canadian oil producers are trying to find a way to close the huge gap between what they get paid for their oil and the global price of this critical commodity. According to an article in the Financial Times the gap between Western Canadian Select and comparable… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-04-26 The car’s future? In this week’s Economist there is a special report on Cars. The report takes a broad look at where the automobile is today and what appears to on the horizon. But one overriding assumption is the car will continue to dominate both transportation and society in the… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-03-22 The report was updated to correct a bad link. (Mar. 22 7:45 pm PDT) Just how deep is that oil? Anadarko announced this week that it had discovered a “potentially giant” oil field in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Shenandoah well is in 5,800 feet of… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2013-01-04 Five year anniversary of $100 a barrel oil Five years ago this week on Wednesday, January 2, 2008 oil traded at $100 for the first time. The price had climbed from a low of $50 a barrel in 2007. This helped to begin taking the wind out of an over… Read more »