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The Master Resource Report 2014-03-28 Natural gas storage breaks thru 900 Bcf Yesterday the EIA reported that natural gas storage declined to 896 Bcf for the week ending March 21st. This is over 50% below both year ago levels and the trailing 5-year average. This is the lowest level for this time of year since… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-02-07 Is shale gas still a game changer as promised? Readers of this report know the “shale boom” story. The US is on a clear road to energy independence and we have enough natural gas to last more than 200 years according to all the expert pundits. Readers also know that… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2013-08-30 The Master Resource Report will be taking a two week vacation. The report will not be published September 6th or 13th. The price of oil From the Financial Times: “The oil markets have begun to price in the risk of military action,” said Michael Wittner, head of global oil research… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2013-08-23 Natural gas Yesterday the EIA released its natural gas storage report that showed a lower than expected injection. A survey of Bloomberg analysts predicted an increase of 66 Bcf while the actual build was 57 Bcf. Gas in storage now stands over 7% below year ago levels. (Bcf = billion… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-06-28 Water & Energy Platts Energy Week had this interview concerning a study by Black & Veatch on the nexus of energy and water. One key point made in the discussion was the potential limitations on US energy supply by constraints on the availability of water. From the study introduction. Primary… Read more »