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The Master Resource Report 2014-07-18 Natural gas storage The EIA reported that working gas in storage reached 2,129 Bcf for the week ending July 11th. This puts storage 22% below year ago levels and 25% below the five year average. The cool weather together with strong volumes of production from the Marcellus have worked together… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-06-20 EIA reports natural gas supply & demand The EIA reported this week that natural gas consumption was down for the seventh week in a row as cooler temperatures prevailed. But in a good example of just how much weather impacts power burn consumption in that sector climbed from the low… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-06-13 The Bakken’s radioactive problem When you talk to folks who have visited or worked in the booming oil fields of North Dakota they report it being like the Wild, Wild West. And like any gold rush period government and environmental regulation enforcement runs way behind the curve. Associated Press: People… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-06-06 Libyan exports According to a report on Upstreamonline Libyan exports of crude oil could fall to zero. Libya’s crude exports could fall to zero in days as the state oil company could be forced to divert the only remaining exports to the Zawiya refinery, which provides crucial gasoline to the… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-05-30 Total pulls the plug on tar sands project Due to the continued escalation of industry costs Total has stopped its Joslyn tar sands operation in Alberta, Canada. The $11 billion price tag cannot be supported by today’s oil prices around $100 per barrel. “We are still in the cycle within… Read more »