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The Master Resource Report 2013-08-02 US diesel exports Below is a graph that shows what has happened to diesel export from the US since 2006 along with the relationship of those exports to the domestic price of diesel fuel. According to EIA data the US in the last two weeks has exported over 1 million… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-04-05 Natural gas in storage falls below five year average Working gas storage is now 2% below the five year average (2008-2012) as shown in the graph below. One year ago it was 60% above the five year average (2007-2011). Since last year’s storage volumes were so high they are distorting… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2013-02-01 Oil sneaks higher The price of a barrel of oil continues to sneak higher and no one seems to be noticing. Brent today is approaching $117/b and WTI is touching $98/b. Tapis in Malaysia is nearly up to $120/b while the Opec basket price moves above $112/b Given the historic… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2012-11-09 OPEC: World Oil Outlook 2012 Opec just released its World Oil Outlook 2012 (very large pdf file) which had this long range price forecast for the price of oil. Oil price assumption slightly higher than in the previous WOO This year it is assumed that the OPEC Reference Basket (ORB)… Read more »


The Master Resource Report  2012-08-24 There will be no Master Resource Report Next Week Should we believe them? With the presidential race heating up both candidates will soon be climbing all over themselves to tell us how they will make the U.S. Energy Independent. Whether it is thru more drilling on Federal Lands and off… Read more »