Monthly Archives: May 2014


The Master Resource Report 2014-05-30 Total pulls the plug on tar sands project Due to the continued escalation of industry costs Total has stopped its Joslyn tar sands operation in Alberta, Canada. The $11 billion price tag cannot be supported by today’s oil prices around $100 per barrel. “We are still in the cycle within… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-05-16 Toyota ends battery and drivetrain supply deal with Tesla Toyota announced this week that it will not be renewing its agreement with Tesla to supply batteries and the drivetrain for its RAV4 electric crossover vehicle. The RAV4 electric has sold poorly since its introduction. According to a New York Times… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-05-09 Honda is building homes??? Where else but in California would you have an auto manufacturing company build a house. In the state known for automobiles Honda has built a prototype home that would produce more energy than it consumes. Of course central to this energy-efficient home is Honda’s electric car…. Read more »