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The Master Resource Report 2014-01-31 Peak Demand? For an alternative view on oil supply and demand the video below is a Financial Times interview with Nick Butler. He expresses the view that the world is at a peak in oil demand and not one of constrained supply. There is a reason he is aggressively promoting… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-01-24 Prices of diesel & natural gas compete for attention but propane takes the prize. Declining natural gas in storage is pushing the price towards $5 per million Btu this week. That is a long way from shale gas hype days in the spring of 2012 when many were predicting prices… Read more »


The Master Resource Report 2014-01-17 Shell’s troubles in Texas This week Shell gave one of the best examples yet of why investors need to step back and question the industry promoted view that tight oil and shale gas are a simple assembly line manufacturing process providing cheap abundant oil and gas. Shell’s troubles in the… Read more »