2013 October 4

The Master Resource Report 2013-10-04

The world’s largest commercial ship.

The world’s largest containership owned by Maersk can hold 18,000 twenty foot container units (TCU) and is more than a quarter mile long. The new Triple E class ship will cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 50% per container unit. It is curious though that Maersk has ordered 20 of these massive ships while also saying according to Reuters that it sees no quick fix for overcapacity in the industry that it says will continue for at least five years.”

The Reuters article pointed out why Maersk was moving to these huge vessels given its dismal view of the market conditions. It all comes down to fuel.

To cope with the tough market conditions, Maersk Line managed to reduce total costs per container by 12.7 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier. The decrease was mainly driven by lower fuel costs and logistical route efficiencies.

Maersk Line uses about 8 million tonnes (1 tonne = 1.102 metric tons) of fuel a year for its 596 vessels, costing around $5 billion. The hunt for lower fuel consumption has been high on the agenda in recent years.


The Lego version of Maersk’s Triple-E contains 1,518 pieces. There are pictures and a video of it here. I know this isn’t exactly an energy item but it is still pretty cool.