2013 September 21

The Master Resource Report 2013-09-20

Natural gas in storage

The EIA yesterday reported that working gas in storage had a net increase of 46 Bcf over last week. This put the volume of gas in storage 5.4% below last year and 0.5% above the 5 year average shown by the black line in the graph below. When compared to the previous five year average which leaves out the extrodinarily warm winter of 2012 the gas in storage is 2.5% above.

Natural gas storage 2013-09-20

One of the probable reasons for the lower than expected storage build was the combination of hot weather and the shut down of some nuclear power plants for scheduled maintenance placing more demand on gas generation.

The top ten cities

This morning this report came across my desk. I have not had time to reivew it yet but it looked interesting enough to add to this week’s web posting with the report. Here are the top ten cities from the report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The full report and interactive infographic are available on the reports web page.

1.   Boston, MA

2.   Portland, OR

3.   New York City, NY (tie)

3.   San Francisco, CA (tie)

5.   Seattle, WA

6.   Austin, TX

7.   Washington, DC

8.   Minneapolis, MN

9.   Chicago, IL

10. Philadelphia, PA