2013 June 28

The Master Resource Report  2013-06-28

Water & Energy

Platts Energy Week had this interview concerning a study by Black & Veatch on the nexus of energy and water. One key point made in the discussion was the potential limitations on US energy supply by constraints on the availability of water.

From the study introduction.

Primary findings from this year’s report validate, at a macro level, what the industry has been saying for years. Aging infrastructure is threatening the financial viability of water and wastewater utilities, and traditional operating models are no longer sustainable. At the micro level, we see a commitment to improvement. However, the industry is just now developing real maturity in regard to formal asset management programs. As a result, ongoing efforts to fix aging infrastructure and gain efficiencies may not be addressing the root causes of some of the challenges impacting utilities.

Read the full report here (84 page pdf).