2012 August 9

The Master Resource Report  2012-08-10

The slope of the line.

Below is the EIA’s graph showing the current level of gas in underground storage compared to the five year band. Gas in storage is now only 13% above the five year average and gas injections were actually negative in West and Producing regions according to the EIA.

The slope of the red line reflecting working storage levels is flattening out when compared to the past. If this trend remains in place the levels of gas in storage could quickly fall in the five year band. At this point this would be an unexpected event since nearly everyone including the EIA is projecting record gas in storage this year. There is more on this issue of natural gas storage on the last page of this week’s report.

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They spent how much in Washington DC?

During election season when money and politics seem to gain an even higher profile for both those receiving and those giving the question comes up concerning how much money is spent lobbying the nation’s leadership on energy issues?

Chris Nelder took a look at that issue this week for Smart Planet giving some interesting insight into just what you find when you follow the money. The conclusion is that in the world of politics and money it is not a level playing field. In fact when it comes to spending on lobbying or industry subsidies it appears that renewables can’t even find the field.