2012 July 27

The Master Resource Report  2012-07-27

When you can’t trust the research?

The issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing are getting more and more convoluted. Revelations of significant unstated financial conflicts of interest surrounding a study out of the University of Texas on groundwater risks from shale gas development raise more questions about who you really believe.

“Remember that study out of The University of Texas last February that concluded there wasn’t a direct link between fracking and groundwater contamination? It caught flack for seeming to being too easy on the fracking industry by suggesting that there wasn’t a direct link between cracking shale and groundwater contamination. The study was great news for an industry fighting a PR battle over a politically-charged issue.

However, financial ties to the fracking industry were never mentioned in all of the announcements about the study, and not known until a new study put out Monday by the Public Accountability Initiative. The study’s leader, Dr. Charles “Chip” Groat has significant financial ties to the fracking industry, to the tune of a couple of million dollars.”

There is more on the issue of water and hydraulic fracturing in this week’s report. Also the IEA has indicated that its WEO 2013 will have a special report on the nexus of water and energy when it is released this November. It should be interesting to see if the IEA arrives at the same conclusions as this report that energy and water are inseparable from each other.

Natural gas as a substitute for diesel.

Clean Energy has a video on its web page that goes through a number of pros and cons of both CNG and LNG for trucking. This is information you are not going to get by reading the mass media accounts of how natural gas is going to replace oil in the U.S. transport sector. A lot of the information can also be applied to the use of natural gas in personal vehicles as well. (Thanks for link Daniel L.)

Click image to view video presentation (29 min.). It will open in a separate window.

Note: Clients and Advisors of Ravenna Capital Management do not hold currently positions short or long in Clean Energy.