2012 February 24

The Master Resource Report  2012-02-24


The subtitle of this Aljazeera article says it all. It is sad that the world’s leading industrial nation just can’t figure this out.

Oil: In perpetuity no more

Industrial civilization’s entire economy is based on a finite resource we treat as infinite.

“Given that oil plays such a critical role in the world’s economy, one would deduce it would be important to know how much is left. Otherwise, the world’s stock markets would be exposed to fossil fuels, which would pose a grave risk to investors facing down a so-called carbon bubble, which could potentially dwarf the housing bubble and current debt crisis.

But acquiring accurate figures on the oil reserves of many of the member states of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is currently impossible, as this remains one of their most highly guarded state secrets.”……….more

Technology to the resuce?

In this video of a presentation by Mike Cheiky, President and Founder of CoolPlanet Energy Systems he talks about a biofuel system that will not only produce a liquid fuel but also at a negative carbon yield. Sound too good to be true? Well as my go to guy on biofuels Robert Rapier would ask, how far off the lab bench has it moved? Remember the Bloom Box or how about the Segway? It clearly has a long way to go from PowerPoint to your gas tank.

The following quote is from an article about the company on the Green Car Congress web page. After watching the video and reading this quote I wonder if he has ever worked on a farm or managed the realities of agriculture. The current Texas drought comes to mind.

“These test results are based on nearly optimal crop growth conditions and demonstrate what is possible in a good growing season. Under more routine growing conditions, we estimate yields of about 3,000 gallons/acre should be achievable throughout the Midwest by selecting the proper energy crop for local conditions.” —Mike Cheiky, Cool Planet’s founder and CEO