2011 July 8

The Master Resource Report  2011-07-08

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Oil price predictions – will they ever learn?

Despite a dismal history of predicting oil prices there is always someone willing to take another flying leap off the cliff. So here is the latest from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Platts: “Goldman Sachs has now forecast a WTI crude price of $111.00/b in three months, $115.00/b in six months and $126.50/b in 12 months, this compares with $108.00/b, $114.50/b and $126.50/b forecasts from its May 24 Commodity Watch report.”

“For Brent crude, Goldman Sachs said its three, six and 12-month forecasts were now to $117.00/b, $120.00/b and $130.00/b. In its May 24 report Goldman had forecast prices of $115.00/b, $120.00/b and $130.00/b, respectively.”

Bloomberg reported this Brent forecast — “…Morgan Stanley analysts led by New York- based Hussein Allidina said it will average $120 this year, increasing to $130 in 2012.”

We shall see if they do any better than in the past. At least the current price is in their favor at $118/b today.

The Leaf is winning the race for now.

“In the race to sell electric vehicles to the American public, Nissan so far appears to be outpacing Chevrolet. For the first six months of 2011, Nissan sold 3875 Leaf electric cars, while Chevrolet sold just 2745 Volt extended-range electric vehicles.”

For now this race only has two competitors but soon it will begin to get crowded.

If you have been watching the Tour de France you have probably seen the Nissan Leaf “What if Everything Ran on Gas” commercial with all of the unique little petroleum powered devices. I especially like the dental drill and desktop computers. But did you notice the cameo appearance by the Chevy Volt?

Nissan gets a little poke at the Chevy right at the end when the downtrodden fellow is filling his gasoline car. Yep it is a Volt. If you haven’t seen it is available here.